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Cardio Or Weight Training?

Here at YNT Fitness Streatham, we do try to make things as simple to understand as possible. I would much rather explain how things work in a way that everybody can understand without having to reach for a dictionary.

Today I want to talk about our choice of fitness regime. Should we lift weights or should we go for a run? What it boils down to is:

1. What you're looking to achieve for fitness purposes

2. What you look to achieve for health reasons.

3. What you enjoy doing.

Number 3 is what I personally think is the most important of all. There is no point in doing something you don't enjoy as you simply won't keep it up. Changes that you make should be life long rather than searching for the quick fix. The truth is a quick fix never works and ultimately makes things worse for you later on. Don't mess around with your hormones for a moments satisfaction. Feel free to email me more on hormonal effects on weight loss and weight gain.

As far as the other two points I would like to explain the differences between the two with a question.

Why do we run and run yet struggle to lose weight?

It can be many reasons.

1. Running can sometimes make you fat by boosting fat storage in the body.

2. Running utilises the oxidative energy system which is the most efficient system we have in our bodies. As we get fitter we use other more fat burning systems less and become extremely efficient at burning energy during cardiovascular exercise and so we burn less calories every time we do it. This means we should be pushing ourselves harder every time to get the same amount of calorie burning effects as last time.

3. Though slow and steady cardio is good for fat burning, the second you stop, your metabolic rate goes back to its default setting. There is no "after burn effects" that you can achieve through weight training. Studies have shown weight training to be better at burning fat in the long run.4.

This is the biggest reason I don't advocate cardio for weight loss.


Cardio is taken from the Greek word καρδιά meaning heart. This ultimately is what we are working. Our hearts.Just because someone is not the stereotypical body we see in glossy magazines does not mean they are not fit. They could have a very efficient and strong cardiovascular system. Health is important and something on the inside more so than the outside.So why do I not recommend cardio to those trying to change the way they look? Because cardio has changed the way they look. Just on the inside. Their heart has become a much fitter and healthier heart through their cardio sessions. The problem here is that people are looking for an outer result. This can only really be achieved through…..


Why is that the case? Because our body is made up of muscle. If we want flat tummies, toned arms, a nice pair of legs then we are going to have to work the muscle itself to make it look its best.Try and look at it this way. Cholesterol problems? Blood pressure? You're talking heart issues. Let's work the heart muscle and get it fit.

Hate your bum? Want bigger or more toned arms? Well it's not going to happen working your fingers on a keyboard is it? Work those target muscles! The more they work, the more they need to adapt to perform what you ask of them. This creates a much nicer physique and, more importantly, a more functional body that doesn't groan when picking something up off the floor.

Ladies, you won't get all muscly. You produce ten times less testosterone than men which is a major muscle building growth hormone. So if you do... I want to know your secret so I can exercise ten times less and still look the same.

In conclusion I would like to say that both are important to lead a healthy lifestyle and both can be incorporated into a training session without you even realising.If you'd like more personal advice on how to change yourself then please feel free to email me at


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