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Anthony is a very talented, enthusiastic and motivational personal trainer. He brings a new level of excitement to each session by introducing new fitness regimes and will always take the time to explain what muscles each one works.


His own testimony is an inspiration and helps me believe that I can achieve my fitness goals.


Thanks Anthony for your patience, perseverance and support!


Luke - YNT Fitness Client - Croydon


Anthony provides a fun and varied programme which is exciting and tests me physically and mentally. The initial focus with each new exercise is accuracy: performing each move with the correct posture. I have found this more useful than previous trainers who have emphasised the volume of reps rather than paying adequate attention to alignment.


We do say 'quality rather than quantity' for a reason, don't we? In every session, Anthony mixes new moves with ones I am familiar with, ensuring there's a feasible challenge without me feeling intimidated.


Kate - YNT Fitness Client - Crystal Palace


Personal training with Anthony is definitely a fun experience. He will push you beyond what you think you are capable of, while always being very supportive and having a strong belief in you. I was surprised at what I was able to achieve and am very impressed and pleased with the results! Anthony's expertise and knowledge in health and fitness provide an excellent foundation to training sessions, as it's not just about "working out", but why we train the way we do, creating a tailor-made fitness plan for me.


Each session with Anthony is completely different, keeping it exciting, fun and motivating. I saw a huge change in my fitness levels and how I feel about myself.


I would recommend Anthony to anyone wanting to change their appearance, lifestyle and attitude towards healthy living.


Jess M -YNT Fitness Client - Croydon

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