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What is Private Personal Training?
I'm sure you've been walking in the park and seen someone being screamed at in full view of everyone while they sweat away wishing it to all be over. Ever wondered why they hire someone to make them run around doing things they could easily do on their own? Wonder why they train while it's raining getting wet and feeling miserable? So do we!
Here at YNT we have our own completely private studio where it is just you and your trainer. You can learn new techniques, train away from prying eyes and exercise in a fully equiped gym. You even get to stay dry during the rainy seasons that makes London weather so unpredictable. 
FREE Consulation!  ​​​


Sit down and let us know what you would like to achieve, from nutritional guidance, weight loss, to muscle building. 

Why choose us?

See the Change For Yourself

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